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Gotham® & Fathom® Master/Slave Configuration

For maximum versatility with applications containing multiple subwoofers, JL Audio Gotham® and Fathom® subwoofer models are equipped with a Master/Slave switch to allow individual or combined signal connectivity. A Master/Slave configuration permits the audio signal from a primary, or “Master”, subwoofer to feed additional “Slave” subwoofers, in successive, consecutive fashion.

Best suited for applications where two or more subwoofer enclosures are positioned side by side, the Master/Slave switch arranges the signal processing features of one Gotham® or Fathom® to centrally control additional Gotham® or Fathom® subwoofers in the same listening room.

When set to “Master”, the Output to Slave signal connection sends the Low Pass Filter and Master Level control settings, plus the A.R.O. or D.A.R.O. functions of the primary subwoofer to subsequent subwoofers that have their Master/Slave switch in the “Slave” position. An LED on the front panel of the subwoofer indicates which mode the subwoofer is operating in.


Note, when multiple Gotham® or Fathom® subwoofers are placed in a room in different locations or stacked vertically, it is highly recommended to set all units as “Master” and perform separate A.R.O. or D.A.R.O. and phase alignment procedures independently, as each subwoofer location presents unique acoustic environmental challenges that should be remedied separately.

Additionally, the Output to Slave signal connection provides a convenient method to serially connect multiple subwoofers without the need for Y-adaptors.


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