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Expert Assist: Before You Begin

Before a user begins tuning with Expert Assist, the following steps must be taken to ensure optimal performance and efficiency throughout the process.


The JL Audio DRC (digital remote control) allows the operator to control overall system level from the software.  This can be very helpful throughout the tuning process. Whether a DRC is being used or not, it is recommended to configure the DRC on the Setup Tab as a main/subwoofer level control while tuning with Expert Assist.  These settings can be reconfigured after the process is complete. For more information, refer to VXi DRC Article or the TwK® DRC Article. The operator can choose to either start with the main DRC level in the fully raised (100%) or fully lowered (0%) position. If the level is fully raised, Expert Assist will automatically control the signal level of the system. If the level is fully lowered, Expert Assist will prompt the user to adjust the level manually. For more experienced users, controlling the level manually can be beneficial.


EQ bands can be linked or unlinked on the Setup or Tune Tabs. If there are any EQ bands that are linked (except for mono pre-outs), these should also be unlinked for optimal performance.


The list below, should be used as a quick checklist of things to be aware of before beginning EA.

  • All speakers are working properly
  • All Inputs, Outputs and Targets should be properly named
  • Left and right input and signal routing should be confirmed
  • The measurement signal input (USB Audio Interface, USB Microphone, JL Audio MAX™) should be configured in the software under MEASURE Settings > General Tab
  • The Signal Generator Output should be configured in the software under MEASURE Settings > General Tab; If signal is being sent from another source, leave blank
  • A new Trace(s) Folder should be created and labeled properly in the software under MEASURE Settings > General Tab
  • The microphone(s) should be set up in the desired location
  • If a JL Audio MAX™ is connected, the timing reference microphone (Mic #3 by default) is set up in the desired position for any time-based measurements and the other mics are also in position (usually the main listening position)
  • For time-based measurements, TF3 is properly routed in the MEASURE Settings > Measurement Setup Tab
  • EQ bands are unlinked except for mono channels
  • A new Preset is enabled and selected for all connected devices
  • All Output Channels are reset for all connected devices
  • Desired Targets are created or loaded
  • Targets have the desired crossover frequencies engaged
  • DRC checkboxes are set up as Main Volume / Sub Volume


Expert Assist can be accessed on the MEASURE Tab, in the top left-hand corner of the interface. There is an orange button (blue in high contrast mode) with the TüN® Happy symbol. Once this button is selected, a window will appear (see below).

Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 12.52.24 PM.png
TüN® Expert Assist Dialog Box


As noted in the image, Expert Assist results can be reviewed, edited, re-run or erased. The user has full control over the outcome. This is extremely powerful and will empower the user, not limit their abilities.


There are three options in Expert Assist that can be run either individually or altogether. Autoset EQ(s) to Target(s) and Autoset Levels to Target(s) can be used with any connected microphone(s). Autoset Delays requires a JL Audio MAX™ Audio Measurement System to be connected. Expert Assist can be run successively. For example, if there is a pair of channels being used as a Global EQ (an EQ that affects all channels in the system), a second Assist (Autoset EQ(s) to Target(s) could begin after the initial Assists are completed.


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