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Expert Assist: Introduction

Expert Assist is a groundbreaking innovation by JL Audio designed to assist a user (the expert) when tuning an audio system. The process of tuning an audio system requires comprehensive analysis of data with adjustments to optimize the interaction of multiple speakers within an environment. Audio systems can vary from simple, with only a few speakers and channels, to complex, with numerous speakers and channels. The environment where an audio system resides can have small or large effects on the overall system response as well. In all cases, the user needs to ensure, to the best of their ability, that all channels are optimized across frequency, time and level. Expert Assist offers full control and flexibility to set up an audio system, although there is a slight degree of added complexity as a result. However, after using Expert Assist once or twice, it will become very clear how powerful it is.



Expert Assist will fluently guide an operator through a process that is repeatable and consistent to achieve the user’s desired goal. Throughout the process, the user interface is fully accessible to the user. All settings can be altered at any time, including software settings, settings related to data, and the digital signal processor as well. The goal is defined by the user by loading or creating a desired target curve and placing a microphone or microphones in the desired location(s). Then, Expert Assist, along with the user’s input, will attempt to match the data to the Target. Expert Assist can navigate TüN® Software faster than a human and will never forget steps. Expert Assist works with JL Audio System Tuning Digital Signal Processors such as the TwK® System Tuning DSP, VXi Amplifiers with built in DSP, and MVi Amplifiers with built in DSP. It can also be used in a networked system with VXi or MVi Amplifiers with up to 10 amplifiers or 120 channels. Expert Assist is currently optimized for use in a mobile audio (automotive) environment, but can be used anywhere, on any system with a JL Audio digital signal processor at the user’s discretion. Expert Assist can be used with any microphone that is connected to TüN® Software as well as the JL Audio MAX™ Audio Measurement System. When a JL Audio MAX™ is connected to TüN® Software, Dual-FFT (time-based) measurements and Autoset Delays will also become available.



Expert Assist is being released as a Public Beta, which means that it is constantly in development and will be updated periodically to improve the workflow and operation. As new versions of Expert Assist become available, they will be ready for use immediately after launching TüN® Software twice on any computer with internet connection.


Expert Assist: Introduction <<< You are Here

Expert Assist: Before You Begin

Expert Assist: Setting Up a Target

Expert Assist: Identifying Which Channels to Tune

Expert Assist: Identifying Channels to Leave Unmuted:

Expert Assist: Assigning a Target Response

Expert Assist: Capturing Data

Expert Assist: Selecting Number of EQ Bands

Expert Assist: Confirming All Microphone(s) Are Connected

Expert Assist: Controlling The Volume

Expert Assist: Autoset EQ to Target

Expert Assist: Making Manual Adjustments for EQ

Expert Assist: Level Setting Procedure

Expert Assist: Making Manual Adjustments for Level

Expert Assist: Delay Setting Procedure

Expert Assist: Process Complete - Final Steps

TüN® 4: Resetting DSP Outputs

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