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Expert Assist: Confirming All Microphone(s) Are Connected

When using a JL Audio MAX™ Audio Measurement System, Expert Assist will attempt to check to make sure that all 5 (five) microphones are physically plugged in. It is possible that the ambient noise level in the environment is so quiet, that TüN® thinks the mics are disconnected. The user can always confirm by making some noise around the microphone when this happens. If all microphones are plugged in and working, the user can continue to the next step. If any of the microphones are purposely not plugged in, Expert Assist will wait while the user changes the number of mics being averaged in the Microphone Settings. This can be found in the MEASURE Settings > Measurement Setup Tab > and click on the MAX™ microphones. After making that change, the user may continue to the next step.


Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 9.55.01 AM.png

Image shows Detecting JL Audio MAX Microphones Dialog Box


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