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Expert Assist: Controlling The Volume

When using Expert Assist, there are several ways that the user can control the volume. It is highly recommended that during the tuning process, the DRC (digital remote control) configuration is set up as main / subwoofer even if a DRC is not being used in the system. The configuration can always be changed afterwards to the user’s desired configuration.
It is important to indicate where the test signals are coming from for Expert Assist to work as intended. If the signal is coming from the computer or from a soundcard / MAX™, that should be defined in the Signal Generator Output in the MEASURE settings > General Tab. If the test signal is being played through a source unit or somewhere else, the Signal Generator Output selection should be left blank.
Whether a DRC is being used or not, it is recommended that the DRC checkboxes on the Setup Tab, be used as a main/subwoofer level control while tuning with Expert Assist and can be reconfigured after the process is complete. For more information, refer to VXi DRC Article or the TwK® DRC Article. The operator can choose to either start with the main DRC level in the fully raised (100%) or fully lowered (0%) position. If the level is fully raised, TüN® will control the signal feeding the system. If the level is fully lowered, TüN® will prompt the user to adjust the level manually. For more experienced users, controlling the level manually can be beneficial.
The subwoofer level control can be adjusted to a desired position. A good starting place for that would be 50% or 75%. It should be noted that, all of the speakers in the system should have similar levels before beginning. If the subwoofer or any other speaker is over 12 dB higher in output level, Expert Assist will attempt to raise all of the other speakers to their maximum level to keep up which may result in some speakers not able to meet the target. Expert Assist will not intentionally reduce large amounts of output level on its own.


Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 9.57.20 AM.png

Image shows manually controlling the volume by adjusting the DRC Main Volume Slider


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