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Expert Assist: Level Setting Procedure


Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 3.15.03 PM.png

Image shows Level Setting Procedure Dialog Box


When Expert Assist is performing the Autoset Levels Procedure, all channel levels will be measured individually. Expert Assist will determine the speaker with the highest output level and position that measured data properly on the target. All other speakers will then be raised in level until they either hit the target or run out of channel level. If this happens, the user can reduce the level of the loudest speaker and either manually adjust or rerun the Autoset Levels Procedure again.
It should be noted that, all of the speakers in the system should have similar levels before beginning. If the subwoofer or any other speaker is over 12 dB higher in output level, Expert Assist will attempt to raise the level of all other speakers to their maximum level to keep up which may result in some speakers not able to meet the target. Expert Assist will not intentionally reduce large amounts of output level on its own.
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