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Expert Assist: Delay Setting Procedure

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 2.59.07 PM.png
Image shows Delay Setting Procedure Dialog Box




When Expert Assist is performing the Autoset Delays Procedure, it will measure the Linear Impulse Response of all channels individually. Expert Assist will attempt to find the latest arriving channel and set that as the Reference Delay. Once the Reference Delay is set, Expert Assist will add additional delay (referred to in TüN® as the Delta Delay) to each individual channel so that they align with the Reference Delay.
Expert Assist will give the user an opportunity to make a change to the delay setting. If the delay setting can be improved, the user should manually adjust it to do so. If the user sees that a speaker polarity is reversed, the user can manually change that at this time. For more information on Impulse Response, click here. It is important to note, by pressing “OK” the user is accepting that they are happy with the results. This means that if the results are poor, the user accepted it. It is always the user’s responsibility to make sure the results are sufficient.
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