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Expert Assist: Setting Up a Target

When working with Expert Assist, the user needs to have a Target loaded and configured properly. Any of the default JL Audio Target files can be used and modified if desired. Targets can be loaded by selecting "Targets" on the right-hand side of the interface, then selecting "Load" at the bottom right corner in the Targets Panel. If a Target is modified, it can also be saved from that same place. The user should also ensure that there are no linking dots engaged on the Targets before beginning. 


For more information on how to load or create a Target, click here.


Expert Assist: Introduction 

Expert Assist: Before You Begin

Expert Assist: Setting Up a Target <<< You are Here

Expert Assist: Identifying Which Channels to Tune

Expert Assist: Identifying Channels to Leave Unmuted:

Expert Assist: Assigning a Target Response

Expert Assist: Capturing Data

Expert Assist: Selecting Number of EQ Bands

Expert Assist: Confirming All Microphone(s) Are Connected

Expert Assist: Controlling The Volume

Expert Assist: Autoset EQ to Target

Expert Assist: Making Manual Adjustments for EQ

Expert Assist: Level Setting Procedure

Expert Assist: Making Manual Adjustments for Level

Expert Assist: Delay Setting Procedure

Expert Assist: Process Complete - Final Steps

TüN® 4: Resetting DSP Outputs

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