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JL Audio 24-Volt Amplifiers

JL Audio 24 Volt Amplifiers

Now available: 24-Volt Amplifiers from JL Audio!

For the past few years, our HDMHD, XDv2 and M-Series amplifiers have set a new standard for sound quality and performance in systems for your boat, car, truck or SUV. Now we are allowing you widen the options even further. We now offer some of our most popular MHD and M-Series models in 24-Volt versions.

The MHD600/4–24V, MHD900/5–24V, M600/6-24V and M800/8v2-24V have the same features as their 12-volt versions but run on a 24-volt system. This is ideal for applications such as amusement park rides, agricultural vehicles (tractors, etc…), construction vehicles as well as some larger yachts and motor homes. 

As always, if you have any questions, contact us at technical support. 

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