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Using the DC Offset or Signal Sense Features on the XDv2 Amplifiers

Using the DC Offset or Signal Sense features on the XDv2 amplifiers

The XD amplifiers with v2 specs now have the capability of being used without a dedicated remote wire. This is great for integrating into factory systems since you no longer need to hunt for an ignition wire or existing amplifier turn on wire to power up the XDv2’s. You can also jump remote wire from one XDv2 over to other amplifiers or equipment and they will be triggered on as well when using either one of the new settings instead of a dedicated remote wire . Any additional amplifiers must come after the XDv2 amplifier being used to turn things on.

It is important to note that when a dedicated remote wire is used the TURN ON MODE switch must be in the REMOTE position. If the switch is left in the OFFSET or SIGNAL position the amplifier will produce 12 volts of output at the remote terminal that will travel up the wire and back through the factory circuit and could cause a factory error code to be displayed. This may also cause issues with aftermarket head units when a dedicated remote wire is used.

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