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Request Replacement Parts

Many replacement parts are available for sale on the JL Audio website.

Additional replacement parts not found on the JL Audio website can still be purchased from an authorized JL Audio dealer.  Use our Dealer Locator to find the dealers or distributors in your area.

Examples of these parts include the following items:

  • Tweeter mounting cups
  • Speaker installation hardware
  • Speaker grilles
  • Amplifier cover panels
  • Amplifier set screws
  • Amplifier logo badges
  • Subwoofer grille trays (removable trim rings)
  • Replacement hardware kits for Stealthboxes
  • Badges for marine audio speakers
  • Terminal cups for enclosures

If there is not a JL Audio dealer within a reasonable distance, you can also start the order process by Submitting a Request through our Customer Support team.

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