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Sponsorship (USA Only)

How do I get sponsored by JL Audio?

We appreciate your interest in being sponsored by us! We receive hundreds of sponsorship requests every month. While it would be nice to make everyone happy, the reality is that we must be very selective in whom we work with.

General Sponsorships:

If you are seeking support with a vehicle project, we recommend that you work closely with your local authorized JL Audio dealer. Any requests for sponsorship must be made through an authorized dealer. Please be aware that we very rarely sponsor anyone and that those we do sponsor generally have a long history of commitment to JL Audio and of national-level competition success. For us to seriously consider a sponsorship request, you need to show that you have these qualifications. If you have a unique proposition, please complete the Sponsorship Submission Form.

Car Clubs:

The sponsorship criteria above applies to car clubs. Please work with your authorized dealer.

Event Sponsorships and Charitable Donations:

For inquiries regarding event sponsorship or charitable donations, please email:

Customers outside the USA:

If you are interested in sponsorship and are outside the USA you will need to contact the distributor for JL Audio in your nation. Please refer to our Dealer Locator to find the distributor for your area.

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