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Choosing the Correct Subwoofer for Your Vessel

With so many subwoofer options in the JL Audio Marine category, it’s important to make the appropriate choice for your vessel. This will ensure proper low frequency (bass) response, output and sonic performance.

In order to make your decision, you will need to know if you will be using the subwoofer in a physical enclosure or mounting it into the sidewalls of your vessel.

JL Audio M10W5 SubwooferM10W5 Subwoofers are specifically designed for use in an enclosure.

The M6-10W subwoofer is specifically designed for sealed or ported enclosures. The ideal airspace for the M10W5 subwoofer is 0.75 net cubic feet (21.2 L) in a sealed enclosure and 1.5 net cubic feet (42.5 L) for a ported enclosure. Recommended enclosure dimensions can be found under the “Specifications” tab on the M6-10W product page on our website, or simply contact our Technical Support Team for assistance in designing a custom enclosure. JL Audio sells the M6-10W in an Enclosed System that is a 100% fiberglass enclosure with a gloss white or black finish. These subwoofers are ideal when dealing with tight spaces, such as the under dash area of the cockpit, storage compartments or under seats.

JL Audio M10IB5 SubwooferInfinite-Baffle (IB) Subwoofers mount directly into the boats fiberglass side walls.

Our Infinite-Baffle subwoofers (M7-12IBM6-10IB, M6-8IB and M3-10IB) are designed to be mounted into the sidewall of your vessel and use the vast amount of airspace behind it for optimum performance. Due to the lack of air pressure to act as a spring (as a sealed or ported enclosure would provide), the suspension systems for our Infinite Baffle subwoofers are considerably stiffer and should not be used in any sort of enclosure.

Using the incorrect subwoofer for your application will result in degraded sound and reliability of the driver. If you have more questions, feel free to contact our Technical Support Department.

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