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Do I Really Need More than One Subwoofer On My Boat?

Subwoofers bring our music to life. They faithfully reproduce the lower octaves that a traditional component or coaxial speaker set simply cannot handle and actually help the main speakers sound better. Subwoofers provide an audible energetic experience that is second to none. This is especially the case when they’re paired with an awesome day out on the water!

Boat with a Single SubwooferA boat with just one subwoofer is missing the majority of it's low frequency potential up in the bow.

To achieve optimum bass on a boat, multiple subwoofers are often a necessity. The purpose of this is not simply to be loud, but rather to provide consistent bass output in all zones of the vessel. Unlike a car, which is a relatively small and enclosed environment for low frequency sound waves to bounce around, a boat tends to be wide open. This means that more than one subwoofer, often in various locations, is essential in providing a consistent experience and overall sound quality, whether you’re in the cockpit, the stern or up in the bow.

Consider the example of a traditional Ski Boat or Bowrider for using a single subwoofer under the dash in the cockpit. The bass and overall sound experience in the cockpit will be phenomenal. However, when you move to the bow of the boat, there will most likely be a tremendous decrease in bass due to the location, open-air environment, as well as other obstacles that block the sound waves, such as the dash and windshield. You’ll find that the experience up front is nothing like in the cockpit, since the front of the boat will primarily consist of mids and highs. Where is the fun in that? Adding a second sub to the bow will ensure that the sound quality and experience up front mimics what the passengers in the cockpit are enjoying.

Boat with subwoofers in the cockpit and bowAdding a second subwoofer to the bow ensures that passengers in the bow & cockpit have consistent bass response.

This goes for just about any medium to large boat on the water, including center-console fishing boats, go-fast boats and yachts.

There is often a misconception that more than one subwoofer is not needed (or wanted) because you don’t want “too much bass.” However, adding an additional subwoofer will actually do the opposite, providing consistent audible performance and allowing for a better listening experience no matter where you are in the vessel. For more information or assistance in designing your vessel's sound system, contact our team in Technical Support.

Boat with two cockpit subwoofers and a bow subwoofer
Use three subwoofers for the ultimate bass experience.

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