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Can I Use MX Amplifiers in my Motorcycle Fairing?

JL Audio MX Powersports Amplifier

While the fairing can be a fantastic place to hide an amplifier that’s small enough to fit, the lack of air circulation can wreak havoc on amplifiers that don’t utilize efficient circuitry. This can lead to the amplifier overheating, and in most cases, can cause reduced output or complete shutdown—forcing the amplifier to go into “protect” mode.

JL Audio’s MX amplifiers take advantage of our NexD™ Switching Technology, providing unsurpassed efficiency and a tremendous amount of power. A highly efficient amplifier will generate less heat, making the MX amplifiers ideal for motorcycle fairings and saddlebags. These incredibly efficient amplifiers are designed to perform in tight spaces where heat is likely an issue. Additionally, their IPX7-rated, one-piece cast aluminum chassis acts as a giant heat sink to help disperse any heat that is generated.

MX-Series amplifiers are the perfect fit for tight spaces where air circulation and heat might be an issue, such as saddlebags or inside the fairing of a motorcycle.

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