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Ignition Protected Marine Circuit Breakers

When fusing a power wire, you always want to try to get as close as possible to the power source, which is in most cases a battery. When running any power wire for amplifiers, JL Audio recommends using a fuse or circuit breaker that is no more that 18-inches from the battery’s terminal.

Marine Circuit BreakerOn marine vessels, the main battery frequently resides below deck in close proximity to the engine. This area also contains fumes from fuel and very little oxygen flow. When a fuse blows or a traditional circuit breaker “breaks,” or opens the circuit, there can often be an unwanted spark. Any sort of sparking in a confined area with minimal airflow and fuel fumes can be very dangerous. For this reason, an ignition protected circuit breaker is a must on any marine vessel.

JL Audio Ignition Protected Circuit Breakers are SAE J1171 External Ignition Protected, which means that any components that may cause a spark are completely sealed off and contained from the element. This is very important when it’s located in an engine compartment or anywhere near fuel fumes. The material of the breaker is also designed to withstand the high heat expected in the engine bay and will not melt like a traditional fuse holder might. Using these breakers is the safest way to protect your power wire, amplifier and vessel in situations where the current flow exceeds an unsafe draw.

Additionally, our Circuit Breakers have received an IP67 waterproof rating, so they can be submerged in up to 1-meter of water. Stainless steel connection points prevent any unwanted corrosion, ensuring an ideal connection and top-quality performance.  

JL Audio Marine circuit breakers are available individually in 30-80 amp models and the 50 amp breakers are part of our Marine Power Connection Kits.



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