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What are the Extra Wires in the New ETXv3 Enclosed Speaker Systems?

One of the changes to the new ETXv3 Enclosed Speaker Systems is the switch from a traditional positive and negative speaker wire to a 6-conductor wire.  There is now a single cable with six separate wires exiting the ETXv3 enclosure.  The larger, 16 AWG wires are used for the speaker.  Two of the smaller, 20 AWG wires are used for the LEDs in models that have LED grilles.  See the chart below for wire use.

Wire SizeWire ColorUse
16 AWG Red/Stripe Speaker Positive (+)
Black/Stripe Speaker Negative (–)
20 AWG Red Not Used
Green Not Used
Blue LED Positive (+)
Yellow LED Negative (-)

Note: Not all wires may be used in normal applications

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