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Things to Know About the JL Audio MBT-RX and MBT-CRX Bluetooth® Devices

JL Audio Bluetooth Receivers
Both the MBT-RX and MBT-CRX are designed to deliver powerful (2 Volts), CD-like audio performance to your system without wires from your Bluetooth® v4.0 (A2DP) enabled devices from up to 35 feet (11 meters) away. 

If your device uses the aptX® codec, you can take full advantage of this technology to stream the highest quality audio to either the MBT-RX or the MBT-CRX. 


Connecting your device will take about 20 seconds; just select the device in your Bluetooth® settings screen.

Your iOS device should have the Bluetooth® function turned on before you power up the MBT-RX or MBT-CRX in order for them to reconnect automatically, if not you may have to manually reconnect.

Your Android device should automatically reconnect regardless of when the MBT-RX or MBT-CRX are powered up. 

Both devices are designed with the marine and powersports customers in mind. The MBT-RX is IPX6 rated, which basically means you can spray it with a powerful water jet and not worry about it. 

The MBT-CRX adds control over your Bluetooth® device using AVRCP (audio / video remote control profile). This allows you to control track up & down, volume up & down, play / pause and power on / off right from the device itself, allowing you to tuck your device away in a dry location. Even with these controls, the MBT-CRX is still IPX–6 rated, which means you can still hit it with a gentle stream of water without any concerns. 

Taking your favorite music with you has never been easier or sounded better!

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