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Can I Purchase an Empty JL Audio Enclosure or Stealthbox®?

JL Audio enclosures (both wood and Stealthbox®) are patented designs that have been created and intended specifically for use with the JL Audio subwoofer that’s loaded inside. For this reason, we do not offer the option to purchase empty enclosures, since this would open up the opportunity for the wrong subwoofer(s) to be loaded into them. This would result in a poor level of sound quality that was not intended for the enclosure or the subwoofer.

Since our enclosures are completely custom-designed for one specific size and model of JL Audio subwoofer, loading a JL Audio subwoofer that’s a different model or size into the enclosure will most likely result in subpar bass performance.      

Our loaded enclosures are a fantastic value, since the price of purchasing one is not significantly higher than the price of purchasing the subwoofer by itself. We highly recommend that you visit your local authorized JL Audio dealer to hear demos of our enclosures before making your purchase. JL Audio engineers have designed each enclosure to maximize the woofer’s full potential and deliver you the optimal listening experience. Once you’ve heard the enclosure demos, you’ll be in a better position to decide what the best option for you is: purchasing a loaded JL Audio enclosure or the subwoofer(s) by themselves.



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