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Fathom IWS-113 - Key Info to Know Before Ordering

The Fathom IWS (In-Wall Subwoofer) is a state-of-the-art subwoofer system that provides phenomenal bass while hiding out of sight, inside of a wall cavity. Due to nuances in construction and the unique design and installation process of the Fathom IWS, it’s important to have the following information on-hand when ordering your Fathom IWS system. Failure to gather the information below can potentially compromise the installation process as well as the sonic performance of the Fathom IWS.

System Type:

Fathom IWS systems are available as a System One (IWS-SYS-1), which consists of (1) enclosure, (1) subwoofer, all necessary hardware, and a 1,000 watt RMS amplifier. The System Two (IWS-SYS-2) comes with a second enclosure and subwoofer, as well as mounting hardware and a single 2,000 watt RMS amplifier.

2x4 or 2x6 Stud Construction:

JL Audio In-Wall SubwoofersThere are two different enclosure sizes for Fathom IWS systems that will work with either 2x4 or 2x6 stud construction. The “A-Enclosure” is a tall, thin enclosure designed specifically for 2x4 stud bays. The “B-Enclosure” is a shorter and thicker enclosure designed for use with 2x6 stud construction. Each enclosure type utilizes an amplifier with unique tuning that’s appropriate for the size of the enclosure. It’s important to use the correct enclosure to ensure a proper fit and optimal sonic performance.

Actual Stud Dimensions:

The Fathom IWS enclosures are strategically designed to not make any physical contact with the studs or the drywall once installed. A patented mounting system allows the enclosure to “float” inside of the stud bay, while strategically placed pads make slight contact with the drywall. This design prevents the enclosure from making direct contact with surfaces that may cause unwanted vibrations and rattles once the drywall is installed.

Since both 2x4 and 2x6 studs tend to vary in size, there are three variations of the “A-Enclosure” and two of the “B-Enclosure” and require different sized foam pads and spacers to ensure a proper fit inside the stud bay. To determine the correct enclosure for your application, the depth of the studs being used must be measured prior to ordering your Fathom IWS system.

Drywall Thickness: As with the studs, drywall can vary in thickness. JL Audio has three different grille options for the Fathom IWS, depending on the thickness of the drywall being used. Selecting the correct grille for your application is extremely important. Besides hiding the subwoofer driver, the grille assembly attaches to the enclosure and allows it to properly float in the stud bay. The grille also de-couples the driver by forcing all of the subwoofer’s energy into the room. Using the wrong grille will cause the subwoofer’s energy to get lost inside of the wall, resulting in unwanted rattles and vibrations.

120v or 240v Power: Fathom IWS amplifiers are designed to work on either a 120-volt (more common in North America) or a 240-volt circuit (common internationally). You will need to order either the 120v or 240v model amplifier for your installation.

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