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FiX™: Valet Mode

Valet mode is activated when the “Valet In” input on the FiX™ power connector sees negative ground. When Valet Mode is active, the FiX’s  analog outputs are attenuated by 15 db.  The JLID status LED will flash slow green and the Input Status LED’s on the unit turn off for visual verification. 

Valet Mode can be used to prevent damage to the audio system from unwanted or unauthorized use when your vehicle is being serviced, valet parked, etc. Due to the covert nature of this function, we recommend concealing the location and/or method of its activation. This can be accomplished with a hidden toggle switch (not supplied) or other disguised mechanism to apply negative ground to this connection.

Important: The Valet Mode does NOT attenuate the Optical output of the FiX™ 82.  It only attenuates the analog outputs.  If using with a TwK™ DSP, a Valet preset can be created that attenuates or mutes its output.

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