What are the major differences between the FiX™ 82 and the CleanSweep® 
Differences between the FiX™ 82 and CleanSweep® CL-441dsp can be found here.

Do I need a CL-SSI to sum multiple channels?
No, the FiX™ 82 has built in channel summing with automated level adjustments.

Does the FiX™ 82 allow manual adjustments to the signal?:
No.  If you choose to make further adjustments to the signal or add your own time delay a separate DSP processor is required.

How do I connect a 4-channel amplifier or multiple amplifiers to the 2-channel output?:
Read our article on Connecting Amplifiers, for more information.

Where do I find the wiring schematics for my vehicle?:
To find the proper wires to connect the FiX™ 82 to, it is recommended to acquire a vehicle wiring diagram.  Even with the diagram it’s highly recommended to test all wires.  Read for more info on Locating and Testing Wires

Do I Need to use the DRC-100 Master Volume Control?:
No.  However, there are benefits to using the DRC-100 that you can read here

Do I Need to Use the FiX-LSA-4?:
Only if the factory amplifier mutes upon turn-on due to a low impedance load (like a speaker) not being detected.  Meter the amplifier outputs to verify that there is no signal before installing the FiX-LSA-4.  Read more about the FiX-LSA-4 here.

Can I Bypass the EQ?:
Yes.  Press the Bypass EQ/Calibrate Button for one (1) second.  The Calibration Status LED’s will alternate Green/Amber as verification.  Bypass EQ mode will last for 5 minutes or until the button is pressed again.

Why are the Signal Status LED’s flickering Red?:
Input clipping is present.  Turn down the volume at your OEM source unit.

When using the hands free system in my vehicle, why are people on the other end complaining about hearing an echo?:
Activate Handsfree Mode by pressing in the DRC-100 knob (optional).






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