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FiX™: Status LED's

The FiX™ 82 comes with four (4) LED’s on the top of the case.  The Signal Status LED’s are the two LED’s located on the left, while the Calibration Status LED’s are located on the right. Both the Signal and Calibration Status LED’s represent the status of the Left and Right channels.

FiX 82 FiX 86 Status LED

Signal Status LED’s:

  • Amber: Power On, No Signal detected
  • Green: Power On, Signal Present
  • Red: Power On, Input Clipping

Calibration Status LED’s

  • Flashing Amber: No Calibration. Normal at initial start up or after factory reset.

  • Two Quick Green Flashes: Signals initiation of Calibration Process

  • Flashing Green: Calibration in Process once signal is detected

  • Solid Green: Successful Calibration

  • Alternating Green/Amber: Bypass EQ Mode activated

  • One (1) Red Flash: Calibrated response not flat

  • Two (2) Red Flash: Incomplete audio spectrum

  • Three (3) Red Flash: Delay compensation failure

  • Four (4) Red Flash: No or low input signal level

If the Calibration Status LED’s are flashing any sequence of RED, the calibration process failed.  Read the articles on FiX™ 82 Calibration and  FiX™ 82 Calibration Failure Troubleshooting for more information.


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