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FiX™: Handsfree Mode

The FiX™ includes a Handsfree mode that is designed to optimize the audio clarity of your vehicles handsfree telephone system, if equipped.  When Handsfree Mode is activated the FiX's time correction function is disabled and a 100 Hz high-pass filter is applied to the audio outputs.  Disabling the FiX's time correction prevents possible echo effects for the user on the other end of the phone call.

To activate Handsfree Mode press the DRC-100DRC-200, or DRC-205 center knob once.  The status LED on the Remote Level Control and the JLID on the FiX™ will illuminate amber to signify that Handsfree Mode is activated.  When the call is finished, press the center knob again to deactivate Handsfree Mode, returning the color of the LED’s back to green.

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