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FiX™: Locating and Testing Wires

The FiX™ 82 requires connecting to factory wires in order for it to receive an audio signal to work with.  Depending on the OEM sound system in the car, this may require connections before or after the factory amplifier (depending on signal voltage) for amplified systems and behind the factory head unit for non amplified systems.  With the complexity of today’s electrical systems in vehicles and variances in wire colors, it’s highly recommended that the FiX™ 82 is professionally installed.

It is extremely important to use an accurate wiring diagram for the vehicle and corresponding audio system to determine what wires will need to be connected to.  In addition to using a wiring diagram, all wires should ALWAYS be tested with a Oscilloscope, RTA and Digital Volt Meter to confirm audio signal, frequency range and signal voltage before any connections are made.

JL Audio is not responsible for any incorrect connections made during the installation process.

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