FiX™: Product Description

FiX 82

The FiX™ 82 is the ultimate tool for building a great sounding system using the OEM source. Equipped with a powerful 24-bit DSP processor, the FiX™ 82 delivers world-class sound and incredible functionality allowing the integration of complex factory source units with aftermarket audio equipment. It combines a level matching, summing preamp with delay and frequency response correction, all housed within a single chassis.

The FiX™ 82 may be used to perform the following functions:

  1. Eight differential-balanced inputs accept virtually any OEM analog audio signal, from low-voltage, line-level to high power, amplified speaker-level, and converts them to digital audio with 24-bit effective resolution.
  2. Compatible with full-range and band-limited OEM signals, outputs from factory 2-way, 3-way or 4-way stereo systems are automatically summed into a complete, full-range stereo signal.
  3. Factory filtered or “tuned” signals are automatically restored back to a flat, full-range audio output. These digital-domain corrections can vary from subtle to dramatic, depending on the amount of equalization engineered into the factory audio system.
  4. Time delayed OEM signals are automatically corrected into a synchronized output.
  5. A simple calibration process performs signal summing, EQ restoration and time-delay correction tasks automatically.
  6. Digitally corrected signals can then be sent to your aftermarket signal processors or amplifiers via two methods:

    * Analog audio through a stereo pair of low-distortion, 4-volt (RMS) line-level outputs

    * Digital audio through an optical (Toslink) output, supporting PCM audio (S/PDIF) 48kHz/24bit

  7. Differential-balanced input architecture ensures noise immunity and
    compatibility with most analog output OEM source units or amplifiers.
  8. Selectable turn-on options for activation include: conventional 12-volt
    trigger, automatic via Signal-Sensing or automatic via DC Offset-Sensing.
  9. Provides a dedicated remote turn-on voltage output for activating aftermarket amplifiers or signal processors.
  10. JLID Controller Port allows connection of the optional DRC-100 Digital Remote Controller (sold separately), adding Master Volume Control, Handsfree Optimization Mode and Input Clipping Indicator capabilities from the driver’s seat.
  11. USB port provides access to update firmware and advanced options.

 The FiX™ 82 may be used as a standalone integration device, sending crystal-clear audio to your amplifiers or as a gateway to world-class sound by using it with our TwK™ System Tuning DSP (sold separately).

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