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FiX™: DRC-100 & DRC-200 Volume Control Knobs

FiX 82 FiX 86 DRC-100 Volume Control Knob

The JLid™ port allows connection of one of the optional remote controllers below (each sold separately) to add functionality and convenience features from the driver’s seat. 

DRC-100 Single Rotary Digital Remote Controller – Adds Master Volume, Handsfree Optimization and LED Status Reporting.

DRC-200 Dual-Concentric Digital Remote Controller (FiX™ 86 only) – Adds Master Volume and Subwoofer Level Control, Handsfree Optimization and LED Status Reporting.

Since these are driver-controlled functions, we recommend mounting your selected remote controller within easy reach of the driver, on the center console or dashboard of the vehicle. (Refer to the remote controller’s included installation instructions for detailed info.)

Master Volume Control: When used as a Master Volume Control, the remote controller maintains linear frequency response at all volume levels and delivers the best signal-to-noise performance for your audio system. To use, leave the volume control of your OEM source unit at the specific volume position that was used during calibration. From now on, you will use the remote controller to adjust your audio system volume, leaving the OEM volume control at the calibration level. You may continue to use the OEM source unit’s tone, balance and fader controls, if desired. 

Subwoofer Level Control (FiX™ 86 only): When used as a Subwoofer Level Control, the remote controller acts as an attenuator, reducing the FiX™ 86’s subwoofer output level. At full clockwise rotation, the level will be the same as if the remote controller was not connected at all. Note: Subwoofer Level Control attenuation is in addition to the Master Volume Control attenuation, which, if used, affects all output channels. 

Handsfree Optimization: In some cases, the FiX™ time correction can adversely affect the sound of OEM handsfree telephone interfaces. To correct this, the FiX™ Handsfree Mode temporarily disables the FiX™ time-correction and applies a 100 Hz high-pass filter. To enter Handsfree Mode, press the remote controller’s knob once. The remote’s status LED and the JLid™ LED on the FiX™ 86 will both illuminate amber to signify that Handsfree Mode is activated. When the call is finished, press the remote controller’s knob again to deactivate Handsfree Mode, returning the color of the LEDs back to green and restoring full-range audio and the FiX time-correction.

LED Status Reporting: The remote controller’s multi-color LED reports the status of the FiX™ to the driver. Refer to the table below for the color and meaning of the LED’s behavior.

DRC-200 DRC-100 Status LED Report

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