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FiX™: When to Use the FiX-LSA-4

JL Audio FiX-LSA-4 Load Sensing Adaptor

The FiX-LSA-4 is designed to present an appropriate impedance load to OEM head unit or amplifier outputs that employ “load-sensing startup protection”. When an OEM amplifier or head unit employs this protection scheme, it checks the impedance of the connected load when the unit is powered up (expecting a speaker) and mutes its amplifier outputs if a load outside of a predicted range is detected. The FiX’s input impedance is outside of the range expected by some of these systems and can cause the OEM head unit or amplifier to either mute or begin to clip, distort or emit high frequency noise leading to degraded sound quality, typically in the midrange to high frequency areas.

When inserted inline with the FiX’s inputs, the FiX-LSA-4 presents a safe and appropriate load to the OEM component and corrects the muting behavior.  

The FiX-LSA-4 should ONLY be used in applications where the factory amplifier needs to see a lower impedance load to prevent the outputs from muting.

Installation Procedure:

The following assumes that the FiX has been connected successfully to the system and is exhibiting the muting problem.

  1. Turn the vehicle’s ignition off and wait for the FiX to power down.

  2. Disconnect the FiX’s input plugs.

  3. Connect the FiX-LSA-4’s male output plugs to the FiX’s input connectors.

  4. Connect the FiX-LSA-4’s female input plugs to the FiX’s input plugs.

  5. Turn the car’s ignition on and recalibrate the FiX according to the procedures outlined in its owner’s manual. THIS MUST BE DONE! The FiX-LSA-4 changes the input signal level, requiring recalibration of the FiX.

  6. Confirm that the muting behavior or sound quality issues have been corrected.

  7. Attach the FiX-LSA-4 securely using its mounting holes and appropriate screws.

    Make sure to observe the wire colors of the FiX-LSA-4’s input/output connectors to maintain correct input channel alignment.

An additional FiX-LSA-4 will be necessary if your FiX™ 82 is connected to more than four channels of audio from your OEM head unit or amplifier and if using a FiX™ 86 with front and rear inputs needed.

This device is designed exclusively for connection with the FiX OEM Integration DSP! Use of the FiX-LSA-4 with any other product is not recommended or supported.

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