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FiX™ 82: Connecting Amplifiers

If you are using the FiX™ 82’s 2-channel analog (RCA) outputs you might have some questions about how to hook them up to a multi-channel amplifier or multiple amplifiers in the vehicle. Lets take a look at what connection options are available.

JL Audio Amplifier Input ModeThe best method for connecting a multi-channel amplifier or multiple amplifiers is by using an amplifier that has a 2-channel input mode.  This type input option is available on all JL Audio amplifiers and allows a two channel input to be shared amongst the multiple output channels on the amplifier.  All that needs to be done, is activating the 2-channel input mode by moving the input mode switch to “2-ch” and plugging the two RCA cables into channels one and two on the amplifier.

If using multiple amplifiers, taking advantage of the RCA pre-outs on the amplifier will allow you to pass full range signal from one amplifier to another.  Most JL Audio amplifiers have built in RCA pre-outs for this type of application.  You can continue to “daisy chain” as many amplifiers as you like using each amplifier’s 2-channel input mode and RCA pre-out.

JL Audio FiX 82 XDV2 2-channel Input operation

If the amplifier being used doesn’t have an option for 2-channel inputs or does not have a pair of pre-outs to connect additional amplifiers, the signal from the FiX™ 82 can be split with a couple of Y-adaptors.  Plug in one of the Y-adaptors into each of the Left and Right outputs.  Connect both RCA’s from the split left channel into the front left and rear left channels of your amplifier and connect the split right output to the right front and right rear inputs.  If a subwoofer amplifier is being used, it’s recommended to add two more Y-adaptors, one on both the Left and Right channels for the rear input signal.  Connect the additional RCA cable to the inputs on your subwoofer amplifier.  

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