MediaMaster® FAQ

Can the MediaMaster® MM100s be used in a car?:
Yes, but the zone output architecture is more suited for marine and powersports applications.

What are the MediaMaster® MM100s dimensions?:
The MediaMaster MM100s is 5.94"(W) x 3.90"(H) x 3.17"(D) (151 mm x 99 mm x 80.5 mm) and requires a mounting hole that is 4.7"(W) x 3.25"(H) (119.50 mm x 82.50 mm).  Learn more about the size and How to Mount the MediaMaster® MM100s.

Is the MediaMaster® MM100s weather proof?:
Yes.  The MediaMaster® MM100s and the optional MMR-20 Wired Remote Control are IP66 rated. 

Is the MediaMaster® MM100s NMEA2000 compliant?:
Yes.  There is a Deutsch plug on the back of the unit that can be adapted for NMEA2K integration.

How many MMR-20 Wired Remote Controllers can be used?:
Up to three MMR-20 Wired Remote Controllers can be used up to 75 feet away from the MM100s.  Extensions and splitters are sold separately. Learn more about the MMR-20 Wired Remote Controller.

Can the MediaMaster® MM100s play video or display a back-up camera?:
No.  There is no video chip in the MM100s for any sort of video playback.


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