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MediaMaster® Favorites Button

You may store up to 18 of your preferred stations or channels from your available tuner options (AM/FM/WB/SiriusXM®) as a preset for quick tuning access.

Storing a Favorite

1. While listening to a desired channel (AM/FM/WB/SiriusXM®), press and hold until the star icon on the display turns solid.

Tuning to a Favorite

1. Press JL Audio MediaMaster favorites screen to viewed stored presets.

2. Rotate VOL/SEL to highlight a desired preset; press to select.

Moving or Deleting a Favorite

1. Press  to viewed stored presets.

2. Rotate VOL clockwise to the "Favorites Edit: Select" menu and highlight a

desired function; press to select.

3. Use VOL/SEL to select the preset to be moved or deleted.

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