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MediaMaster® MMR-20 Wired Remote Controller

The information listed in this article applies to the following models:

Connecting an optional MMR-20 Wired Remote Controller (sold separately) will add auxiliary control functionality from extended locations, such as separate audio zones throughout a vessel. Up to three remotes may be connected to a single MediaMaster® MM100 at a maximum distance of 75 ft. Remotes connect directly using MediaMaster® controller cables and splitters (sold separately).  Refer to the Owner’s Manual supplied with the MMR-20 for specific installation and operation instructions.

LED Source IndicatorsJL Audio MMR-20 LED source indicator

Blue LED indicators on the front of the remote controller are used to report the currently selected source. Pressing the button will cycle through each source option (RADIO/USB/Bluetooth®/AUX).

Since the MMR-20 does not incorporate a display screen, all available tuner options (AM/FM/WB/SiriusXM®) are combined as “RADIO”. When RADIO is chosen, the last tuner used will be selected. To change tuners, use the MediaMaster® source unit.

Control Functions

Below is a list of MMR-20 command functions.  The functionality of some controls will vary depending on the current source and/or last tuner selected. Note: The MediaMaster® source unit only accepts commands from the MMR-20 when its display is on a "Now Playing Screen" or in the "SOURCE: Select" menu screen.

JL Audio MMR-20 remote control funtion screen

MMR-20 Backlight Settings

Brightness settings for the MMR-20’s LEDs and buttons can be accessed in the MediaMaster® source unit’s System Settings menu.  Adjustments can be set independently for Day and Night lighting modes.  Learn more about MM100 Lighting Options.

To access the remote controller backlight settings on the MediaMaster® source unit:

1. Press and hold SETTINGS to access the System Settings: Main Menu .

2. Turn VOL/SEL to Display  and press to enter.

3. Use VOL/SEL to select Day Mode  or Night Mode  and press to enter.

4. Turn VOL/SEL to Brightness  and press to enter.

5. Turn VOL/SEL to Remote Backlight and press to enter.

6. Turn VOL/SEL to adjust the remote’s brightness and press to set.

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