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MediaMaster® MM100s Audio Zone Setup

The information listed in this article applies to the following models using the latest software:


Audio Zone Setup

The MM100s is equipped with four sets of low-voltage, line-level RCA outputs to send audio signals to your aftermarket amplifiers/equipment. Each output pair delivers full-range, low-distortion audio, arranged into four zones. Depending on your equipment and vessel, this will allow you to group speakers of an area together for flexibility and control of audio levels at separate zones.  For example, you may prefer to reduce the listening level in an interior cabin, while keeping a louder audio level on the main deck.

Access the Audio Zone Setup menu to configure the functionality of each zone.

Press and hold SETTINGS to access the System Settings: Main Menu.

  1. Press VOL/SEL to select Audio Zone Setup.
  2. Use VOL/SEL to make selections.

Refer to the table below and following info for each zone's available settings and functionality.



Level Control Mode Settings:



  • Relative: Use this setting to link the output levels of Zones 2, 3 or 4 with the level of Zone 1. When selected, Zone 2, Zone 3 or Zone 4’s volume level will proportionally track (follow) the volume of Zone 1. The offset level of volume between each zone is easily adjustable from the Audio Zone Levels screen, allowing you to create a customized level controller, specific for your vessel’s layout and audio system design.
  • Absolute: When chosen, the output level of the selected zone will be independent, with its own separate volume level slider, accessible from the Audio Zone Levels screen.
  • Fixed: When chosen, the output level of the selected zone will be fixed, limited to a specific output voltage (not affected by the volume control). The output voltage of Fixed zones can be set to 4V (default), 2V or 1V RMS.
  • Off: This setting will disable the output level of the selected zone.


Tone Control Mode Settings:

  • Same as Main Zone: The tone controls are linked to / controlled by Zone 1 (MAIN).
  • Independent Tone Controls: The tone controls are separate with the independent adjustments that can be accessed from the Audio Zone Tone & Balance menu. 

To access the Audio Zone Tone & Balance menu, press SETTINGS from any Now Playing Screen. Use VOL/SEL to highlight a zone, then press to access its tone controls; use VOL/SEL to make adjustments. The tone controls of any zone with a chain link icon will be linked to and controlled by Zone 1.



Rename Zone: This feature lets you assign a custom name for each zone or select from a preset list of vessel location names.




Volume Limit: This feature allows you to set a fixed, maximum allowable volume limit for each zone.




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