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TwK®: Inputs

JL Audio TwK 88 Inputs TwK D8 Inputs

TwK® 88 Inputs:

Analog Inputs: The TwK® 88 will accept up to 8-channels of analog audio signals through its line level inputs. These inputs can be used with OEM integration devices, aftermarket source units, and can also be used as auxiliary inputs. 

Digital Inputs: TwK® 88 also includes a digital, optical TOSLINK input and a coaxial digital input. These are capable of receiving a two-channel digital audio signal, which  is ideal when using an OEM Integration processor that offers a digital output, such as the JL AUDIO FiX® 82. This keeps the signal in the digital domain, preventing unnecessary digital to analog to digital conversions. 

TwK® D8 Inputs:

The TwK® D8 ONLY offers a single, digital, optical TOSLINK input and does NOT have analog inputs or coaxial digital inputs. The TwK® D8 is the perfect partner to a FiX® 82 OEM Integration DSP.

For more information on input routing through EQ banks and outputs, please read the article on the TüN® Input Mixer.


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