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MediaMaster® USB Playback

The USB port may be used to connect USB storage class devices (thumb drive,digital audio player, etc.). This USB connection also provides a 1A output for device charging. If this output is exceeded, an error message will display and the output will be disabled. Devices may be plugged directly into the USB port or use the JL Audio Combo 3.5 mm Audio Jack and 9 Wire USB Port for Panel-Mounting (XMDUSB/3.5MM-PNL). An appropriate USB cable for your device is required to make this input connection.

Once connected, press the SOURCE button and select "USB" from the "SOURCE: Select" menu to access the connected device with the following controls:

JL Audio MediaMaster USB playback control

• Properly secure the connected device before driving to prevent damage from dropping or sudden acceleration/braking.

• Control, functionality and display may vary depending on the type of device connected.

• Connections to computers or portable hard drives are not supported.

• Connections via USB hubs are not supported.

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