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MediaMaster® Day & Night Mode Settings

JL Audio MediaMaster day and night mode screens

A Day / Night Mode viewing option is available to allow for proper and safe illumination under different lighting circumstances. In Day Mode operation, the LCD screen utilizes a bright white background with navy blue text. This allows optimal visibility in the presence of direct sunlight or very bright conditions. When Night Mode is activated, the screen inverts to a black background with white text, reducing eyestrain in low light conditions.

When lights on the vessel are activated, connecting the orange-colored illumination wire on the MediaMaster® MM100 harness to a positive 12-volt lighting circuit will automatically switch the illumination to Night Mode. Day / Night Modes can also be manually activated by entering the Settings menu by pressing and holding the Settings button to access System Settings: Main Menu. Once in the main Settings menu, scroll down and select Display by pressing the rotary knob. Selecting Display options allows you the ability to customize both Day and Night modes. Each mode gives you the option to invert the color on the display without triggering the unit’s dimmer wire. There are also Brightness settings under each mode that allow you to independently customize the intensity of the LCD screen on the MediaMaster MM100, along with backlit buttons on the unit and the optional MMR-20 wired remote controller.


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