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TwK®: Outputs

JL Audio TwK Outputs
Using RCA cables, audio will pass from the TwK®'s Outputs to the amplifiers in an audio system.

Both the TwK® 88 and TwK® D8 offer eight channels of analog Outputs, with up to 4v of output potential. Outputs are labeled as letters (A-H) to avoid confusion with the TwK®’s numbered inputs (1-8). Output labels can be edited and renamed by selecting and changing the label in the SETUP tab.

The Router panel in the SETUP tab establishes the connections and signal flow between the outputs of the EQ Banks and the Output Channels. Like the Input Mixer, the Router uses an intuitive, clickable interface that provides visual feedback of output signal routing.
JL AUdio TuN TwK Input Mixer Router

Digital Pass-through Output: The TwK® 88 and TwK® D8 also offer a digital, optical TOSLINK output for 2-channels of digital audio output. The digital output is useful for any amplifier that offers a digital TOSLINK input.

By selecting the JL Audio TwK 88 TwK D8 Crossover Icon in the OUTPUTS panel, you can access the input selector for the TwK®’s digital outputs. Using the pull-down menus, select the TwK® inputs that will feed the Optical Digital Output.

IMPORTANT: Please note that these digital output signals pass directly from the inputs to the outputs with no signal processing applied!


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