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FiX™ 86: Outputs

JL Audio FIX 86 OEM Integration DSP
The FiX™ 86 offers analog, 4-volt (RMS) line-level output jacks (RCA-type) to feed audio signals to your aftermarket system. Analog outputs are compatible with most types of aftermarket signal processors or amplifiers. The output jacks are located below the “Power Connector” and are divided into three sets of output jacks (Left and Right) as follows:

FiX 86 Outputs

The level of these outputs is proportional to the level of the input signals fed into the FiX™ 86, using the OEM volume, fader and balance controls. Output levels may also be controlled using optional DRC-100DRC-200, or DRC-205 controllers.

DRC-100 Single Rotary Digital Remote Controller – Adds Master Volume, Handsfree Optimization and LED Status Reporting.

DRC-200 & DRC-205 Dual-Concentric Digital Remote Controllers – Adds Master Volume and Subwoofer Level Control, Handsfree Optimization and LED Status Reporting.

Read more about DRC-100, DRC-200, and DRC-205 Digital Remote Controls.  

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