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MediaMaster® MM100s Software Update/Installation Process

MediaMaster® MM100s OS Update ver 4.0

This update includes:

  • General improvements and fixes
  • Added Raymarine MFD compatibility (See Raymarine for specific device compatibility info)
  • Added SiriusXM Radio control via MMR-40
  • Added last played position memory for USB drives
  • Added observed zone muting during volume control
  • Added zone control access via Volume knob press (no longer requires knob rotation)
  • Added SW update option via Diagnostic menu
  • Improved indexing of large music libraries
  • Improved USB behavior/response 


Follow these steps to view which software version is currently loaded in your MediaMaster® MM100s:

  1. With the MM100s turned on, press and hold SETTINGS to access the System Settings: Main Menu.
  2. Rotate VOL/SEL clockwise to Diagnostic; press VOL/SEL to select.
  3. The software version currently in use will be displayed after SW ver:


Follow the steps below to download and install (or reinstall) the latest operating software for the MediaMaster® MM100s:

  1. Download Update (ver 4.0)
  2. Extract the files and review the included PDF license agreement (MM100s_OS_EULA.pdf).
  3. Save the three remaining files (highlighted below) to a USB thumb drive. (Thumb drive should be empty and formatted to FAT32 or ExFAT.)

    Note, these three files should be saved to the root directory (top level) of the thumb drive (not placed in a folder).
  4. Disconnect +12VDC power from the MM100s. This can be accomplished by removing its fuse, unplugging the 4-pin Power Connector plug, or by turning off the vessel’s main battery disconnect switch, if equipped.
  5. Insert the USB thumb drive into the USB port of the MM100s.
  6. Reconnect +12VDC power to the MM100s to begin its startup.
  7. In the following moments (about 2 minutes total), these three messages will appear in succession, just above the yellow line on the display screen:
    "Updating system files", "Running update script", and "Updating bootloader"
  8. When “Update Complete. Remove USB media” appears on the display screen, unplug/remove the USB thumb drive from the MM100s and disconnect +12VDC power from the MM100s (see step 4 above).
  9. Reconnect +12VDC and turn on the MM100s. Update complete.


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