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JL Audio Contact Information

The contact information listed in this article is for customers inside the USA. If you reside outside of the USA, see Contacting JL Audio (International).

Please also review our Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy prior to contacting us. Contacting us assumes you have read and agree to these terms.

Who Should I Contact?

Find answers to most questions in our Help Center.


Current pricing for each product is listed on the product page of the JL Audio website.

To check the status of your order, login to your account.
If you have questions about your order, contact order support.

To find the authorized dealers in your area, enter your zip code in the dealer locator.
A list of authorized online retailers is also available.

To comment about a JL Audio dealer or to request information on becoming an authorized dealer (US retail businesses only), select the appropriate regional contact below:

Vice President of Sales USA: Carl Kennedy
Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico

National Sales Manager: Brian Power
Alaska, Colorado, Illinois (South), Idaho, Iowa, Hawaii, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming

Area Sales Director: Ernie Collado
Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont

Area Sales Director: Todd Wilson
Arkansas, Illinois (North), Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania (West), Texas, West Virginia, Wisconsin

Area Sales Director: Ed Meenan
Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Northern Illinois, New York, North Dakota, Maryland, Minnesota,  Pennsylvania (East), South Dakota, Virginia, Washington D.C.


Director of Marine Sales & Marine OEM: Ora Freeman

Warranty & Repair
If you have a product that needs service, follow the procedure outlined in our Warranty & Non-Warranty Repair Service Options.
To determine if a product is covered under the JL Audio manufacturer's warranty, see the Warranty Information.

Replacement Parts
For parts not listed on the JL Audio website, Request Replacement Parts.

Technical Support
For questions about product, system design, or troubleshooting, contact the appropriate department below:
Car Audio Technical Support
Marine Audio Technical Support
Powersports Audio Technical Support
Home Audio Technical Support

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For general marketing inquiries or press information, contact Marketing Director, Bryatt Fischer.
For information about sponsorships, events, and charitable donations, see our Sponsorship Policies.
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To provide feedback about our website, contact the Webmaster.

For employment opportunities, contact the Human Resources Department.

JL Audio, Inc.
10369 North Commerce Parkway
Miramar, FL 33025-3962, USA

(DO NOT send products to this address without an appropriate Return Authorization number. To learn more about returning products for service, see the Warranty & Non-Warranty Repair Service Options.)

Specific Contact Information
President: Andy Oxenhorn
Executive Vice President: Jeff Scoon
VP - Marketing: Manville Smith
VP - Sales: Carl Kennedy
VP - International Sales: George Jenkins
VP - Business Development: Alan Wenzel
In-House Legal Counsel: Emma Collum, Esq.
Marketing Director: Bryatt Fischer
Director of Training & Technical Services: Stephen Turrisi
Director of Human Resources: Jim Birch

For customers who reside outside of the USA, see Contacting JL Audio (International).

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