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Contacting JL Audio (International)

JL Audio Contact Information

The contact information listed in this article is for customers outside of the USA. If you reside inside the USA, see Contacting JL Audio (USA).

Please also review our Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy prior to contacting us. Contacting us assumes you have read and agree to these terms.

Who Should I Contact?

Find answers to most questions in our Help Center.

To find an authorized distributor in your area, select your country from the Dealer Locator.

To comment about a JL Audio distributor or to request information about becoming an authorized distributor, select the appropriate regional contact below:

Area Sales Director: Jose (Pepe) Garcia
Latin America and the Caribbean

Director of International Sales: Alan Wenzel
Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania

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To request press information, contact VP of Marketing, Manville Smith.
To provide feedback about our website, contact the Webmaster.

For customers who reside in the USA, see Contacting JL Audio (USA).

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