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Audio Files

Download useful audio files here.

A specific calibration track is necessary for a successful calibration of any of the OEM integration DSP products. Select the product you need to calibrate from the list below to download the correct calibration track:

For setting the input sensitivity on an amplifier using our 9-step method, a sine wave test tone recorded at 0 dB reference level in the frequency range to be amplified is needed. Select the tone appropriate for your application from the list below to download the track:

When setting up and tuning the TwK™ processors we recommend using a pink noise test track, which is a random noise filtered to have equal strength per octave across the standard listening spectrum (20 hz - 20 kHz). Pink noise is widely used for testing the frequency response of an audio system, and is especially useful when paired with an Real Time Analyzer or Fast Fourier Transform analyzer. You can download a 15 minute pink noise track at the link below:

You can also purchase a Calibration CD containing these tones along with additional test tones and helpful system tuning tracks.


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