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FiX™ 82 & 86 Firmware Update for TüN™ Software

FiX™ 82 and 86 require firmware updates to take advantage of TüN™ software. Follow the steps below to complete the update procedure.

Important: The following must be done with a Windows-based PC using TuN™ 4, the latest version of TuN™ can be found here. Make sure to exit TüN™ before proceeding.


  1. Download the latest firmware for your FiX™ model to your PC. Choose one of these links:
    FiX-82 Firmware (V0116)
    FiX-86 Firmware (V010C)

  2. Unzip the downloaded FiX™ firmware file. The contents will include one file with a ".dfu" extension and one with a ".dsp" extension. The firmware update will require both of these files.


  3. Disconnect the power plug from the FiX™ device.

  4. Connect the FiX™ to the PC via USB cable.

  5. Press and hold the "Calibrate" button, then reconnect the FiX™ power plug. The lower left (right input) LED will turn red to verify the FiX™ has entered Programming Mode. Release the "Calibrate" button.

  6. Locate and launch the "JLUpdater" application in the "TuN" folder installed on the computer. Confirm that the name of the FiX™ device, current firmware and serial number are displayed.

    Default location: C: Program Files (x86) > JL Audio > TuN > utils> jlupdater
    JL Audio TuN folder location

  7. Click "Program" and select the ".dfu" file mentioned in Step 2 and click "OK". A green progress bar will fill as the update is being installed.


  8. Once complete, the status bar will be completely green with a confirmation message.


  9. Disconnect and reconnect the FiX™ power plug, then perform a factory reset on the FiX™ (press & hold the "Calibrate" button for 15 seconds until LEDs flash, then release the "Calibrate" button).

  10. Recalibrate the FiX™ device following the FiX™ Calibration Process.

  11. Launch TüN™ to confirm that FiX™ is detected and can be selected. 
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