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VXi: Valet Mode

Valet is a special Preset that is engaged by grounding the “Valet In” connection located on the VXi’s Analog Input Harness. This allows an installed switch or automatic relay trigger to activate this special Preset. The Valet Preset is not selectable from the DRC-100, DRC-200, or DRC-205. When engaged, Valet overrides all other Presets while that connection remains grounded. This is useful for creating a limited “VALET” mode with restrained output levels for example. Another use may be a special system tune that is automatically activated when opening the roof on a convertible. You decide what you want this special Preset to do and how it’s activated.  Learn more about Presets.

To use the Valet Preset, it needs to first be set up in the TüN™ software. As with any created Preset, it can be started from scratch or duplicated from an existing preset. Before any of that can happen, the Valet needs to be enabled. In the top right corner of TuN™ look for the “VALET” tab, click the right down arrow to bring up a drop-down menu and click “Enable”.  


Now that Valet has been enabled, there is a blank template to work with. This means there is no signal path routing, crossovers, equalization, etc. It’s up to the user to manually create the system design and any tuning.  

Another option is to select “Copy from…”, which will copy an existing Preset to be used when VALET is engaged. The copied Preset can be left the same or altered for when Valet is triggered.

Note: The Valet Preset will not be accessible (even if ground is present on the Valet Input), when a computer is plugged into the VXi USB port. 

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