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What are the TwK® 88 and TwK® D8?:
The TwK® products are powerful, user-adjustable System Tuning Digital Signal Processors. 

JL Audio TwK DSP

Do I need a FiX® 82 or FiX® 86 to make a TwK® 88 or TwK® D8 work?: 
A FiX® 82 or FiX® 86 is not required. If you are working with an aftermarket source unit with analog RCA outputs, or S/PDIF digital outputs, you can connect these directly to the TwK® inputs.  When using a factory source unit, a FiX® 82 or FiX® 86 can act as the interface between the factory source and the TwK®.  Learn more about the line of FiX® OEM Integration DSPs.

How do you set up and adjust the TwK® DSPs?:
JL Audio offers free PC software, called TüN® to set up and adjust the TwK® products. It is available for download here.


On what kind of devices does the TüN® software operate?:
TüN® 4.5 software requires a PC running on Windows 8 or higher, or Apple computers running macOS 11 or higher.  A long USB cable is included with the TwK® to connect to a computer. More details on minimum requirements for TüN® software can be found here: TüN® 4.50: Minimum Requirements 

Can I make changes with TwK® through Bluetooth®?:
No. The computer operating the TüN® software must be plugged into the TwK® DSP via USB.

How many bands of equalization do the TwK® processors offer?:
80 bands of equalization are available. Both the TwK® 88 and TwK® D8 offer 8 EQ banks, each with 10 bands of fully parametric (or graphic) equalization. If desired, you can apply a bank of 10 bands of parametric EQ per output channel, or you can run multiple output channels from a single EQ bank. Read more on the TwK®'s very flexible Parametric Equalization and Graphic Equalization functions.

I set up my TwK® and there is no sound:
Once configured using the Set Up Tool, the TwK® is muted as a protection measure in case signal path routing is not properly set up or matching the installation lay out.  Simply click the mute icon and signal will pass.

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