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MediaMaster® MM50 Software Update/Installation Process

MediaMaster® MM50 OS Update 

This update includes:

  • General improvements and fixes
  • Bluetooth FW update (hardware dependent)

BEFORE STARTING THE UPDATE PROCESS, follow these steps to view which hardware and software version is currently in your MediaMaster® MM50:

  1. With the MM50 turned on, press and hold SETTINGS to access the System Settings: Main Menu.
  2. Rotate the VOL/SEL knob clockwise to Diagnostic; press and release the VOL/SEL knob to select.
  3. The hardware version will be displayed after HW ver:
    The software version currently in use will be displayed after SW ver:

Follow the steps below to download and install (or reinstall) the correct operating software for your MediaMaster® MM50:

  1. Download Update For MM50 without HW ver: 682
    Download Update For MM50 with HW ver: 682

  2. Extract the files and review the included PDF license agreement (MM_OS_EULA.pdf).
  3. Save the .bin file (highlighted below) to a USB thumb drive. (Thumb drive should be empty and formatted to FAT32.)
    Note, this file should be saved to the root directory (top level) of the thumb drive (not placed in a folder).
  4. Disconnect +12VDC power from the MM50. This can be accomplished by removing its fuse, unplugging the 4-pin Power Connector plug, or by turning off the vessel’s main battery disconnect switch, if equipped.
  5. Insert the USB thumb drive into the USB port of the MM50.
  6. Reconnect +12VDC power to the MM50 to begin its startup.
  7. In the following moments (about one minute total), a series of messages ("Search for Firmware", "Storing", "Erasing" " Flashing", "Starting", etc) will appear in succession, just above the yellow line on the display screen as the update proceeds automatically. **

Once the update is completed, the MM50 will reboot and its display will go to sleep. Simply press the SOURCE button to begin listening. 

Note: We recommend following the steps at the top to verify that the latest software version was successfully installed. Do not forget to unplug/remove the USB thumb drive from the MM50.

** If the update did not automatically begin upon applying +12VDC
, navigate to the Diagnostic menu again and rotate the VOL/SEL knob clockwise until "Enter SW Update Mode" is selected. Press the VOL/SEL to select it.


A prompt to proceed with the update will appear, be sure the USB thumb drive with the proper file is connected at this time. Rotate the VOL/SEL knob clockwise to highlight "Yes", press the VOL/SEL knob once to continue.   


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