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MediaMaster® MM100s & MM100s-BE Bootloader Reset Procedure

Please read the following article in it's entirety before beginning. If you are not comfortable performing any of the outlined steps, please visit a local Authorized Dealer to have the unit sent in to our service center for repairs instead. 


Required Tools:

- USB Type A-to-A Cable

- Windows PC

- MfgTool Program for MM100s

The system software tool may be downloaded from Dropbox (1 file, 123 MB in total)



  1. Unzip the MFGTOOL.ZIP file downloaded above. Navigate to the folder with the contents unzipped.
  2. Launch MfgTool 


  3. With the MediaMaster® OFF, attach the USB Type A-to-A cable from the MM100s to your Windows-PC. Then, press and hold “VOL” button and power on the unit. Keep holding the “VOL” button for 20 seconds after powering on, then release the button.

    Screen must remain blacked out during the whole reset process. If the unit starts to load after releasing the "VOL" button, please repeat Step 3. 

  4. In the MfgTool software, click on "Scan Devices", connected USB device will show up in Section A. Click “Start” to start the firmware update process.  

  5. Software loading begins, process usually takes about 5 minutes.


  6. There is a “disconnection sound” from the PC.

  7. The MfgTool resumes running automatically.


  8. The screen shows “Operations Complete.”



Once you see the “Operations Complete” above the green bar in Section A, press the red “Stop” button.

  1. Disconnect the USB cable from MM100s, and restart MM100s.

  2. MM100s is no longer stuck on the splash screen, the unit has been recovered and should boot normally.

  3. Update the software on the MM100s to the latest version.




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