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Subwoofer Driver Service Upgrade - April 1, 2019

We are pleased to announce an important upgrade to our subwoofer driver service program, effective April 1, 2019. This affects both in-warranty and out-of-warranty returns for service.

JL Audio will replace a qualifying returned subwoofer driver with a Remanufactured Subwoofer. Our goal is to provide a 3-business day turnaround from the date the returned product arrives at our facility in Miramar, inventory permitting. We will no longer service and return the specific subwoofer driver returned. 

Remanufactured subwoofers are built on the same assembly lines that build new subwoofers, using the same parts, processes and assembly equipment. Remanufactured subwoofers will carry special markings on their product packaging and on the subwoofer driver itself, indicating that they are “Remanufactured by JL Audio” to “Original Specification,” with “Guaranteed Quality.”




Subwoofers repaired out of warranty, for a service fee, will carry a full 1-year warranty, matching the warranty for a new subwoofer driver. Replacement subwoofer drivers will continue the original warranty term of the original woofer purchased and returned. 

Only these current subwoofer models will be serviced under this plan:

  • 10TW1 and 12TW1
  • 10TW3 and 12TW3
  • 13TW5v2
  • 10W6v3 and 12W6v3
  • 8W7AE, 10W7AE, 12W7AE and 13W7AE


We will no longer service:

  • 10W6v2, 12W6v2, 13W6v2
  • Original 8W7, 10W7, 12W7 and 13W7
  • Original 13TW5

JL Audio reserves the right to refuse service or adjust service pricing if a returned subwoofer driver is damaged or modified beyond repair.

For a detailed list of our current out-of-warranty service pricing, please see our Warranty & Non-Warranty Repair Service Options.


Last Revised: 03/04/21

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