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MediaMaster® MM100s, MM100s-BE, MM50, and MMR-40 Hard Reset Procedure

There are instances where a MediaMaster® source unit or MMR-40 network controller may need to be reset back to factory settings.

Follow the steps below to perform the Hard Reset procedure:


1- While in the Now Playing screen, press and hold the mceclip0.png button until you enter the System Settings menu.

2- Within the System Settings Main Menu, rotate the VOL/SEL knob and select "Diagnostic".

3- Once in the Diagnostic menu, hold the mceclip1.png button until the Master Reset prompt appears.

4- Rotate the VOL/SEL knob clockwise and select "Confirm" to start the reset procedure.


5- The MediaMaster® source unit or MMR-40 network controller will restart on its own, at which point you can go back to normal operation.



If this does not correct the issue you are experiencing, updating to the latest software version may be required. Follow the links provided below to our Help Center page which contains the full update procedure and the corresponding update file for your MediaMaster® source unit or MMR-40 network controller.


MediaMaster® MM100s Software Update/Installation Process

MediaMaster® MM50 Software Update/Installation Process

MediaMaster® MMR-40 Network Controller Software Update/Installation Process

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