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TüN® 4 & MAX™: Best Practices

JL Audio’s TüN® 4 and MAX™ Measurement System create a very powerful measurement system that should work nicely with most Windows and MAC computers. A lot of work was done to make sure any major processes requiring heavy processing, such as multi-plexing are handled by MAX™ and not your computer. This allows even lower-end computers to be able to take the more complex measurements MAX™ and TüN® 4 are capable of. That being said, there are some better practices to make sure the connected computer will operate at its max potential when measurements are being taken.

Using a Correct USB Cable:
MAX™ includes a six-foot USB cable (Type-A to Type-B) and it is recommended to use that cable. If for some reason the included USB cable cannot be used, ensure that the replacement USB cable is designed for high data transfer. MAX™ and TüN® 4 pass massive amounts of data and a USB cable designed primarily for charging will fail to properly pass the measurement data. This will lead to inaccurate measurements or none at all.

Plug MAX™ Directly into the Computer’s USB Port:
MAX™ will need to be plugged directly into the computer’s USB port. If a USB hub is being used, avoid plugging MAX™ into it. MAX™ transfers a large amount of data over the USB cable and using a hub could cause intermittent issues or disconnects.

Closeout Any Unnecessary Programs:
While MAX™ handles the majority of the processing, the computer’s processor (CPU) and graphics card (GPU) will also be utilized heavily. On lower-end computers, it’s a best practice to close out any programs other than TüN® 4 when taking measurements with MAX™. This will help relieve unnecessary processing that may restrict peak performance. Additionally, the graphics card (GPU) will render the graphics/measurements real-time on the computer monitor, the fewer programs needing to be rendered, the better the performance.

Use the AC Adapter when Possible:
While MAX™ includes both AC and DC power adaptors, it is recommended to always use the AC adapter when possible. This is especially true when using a vehicle’s DC adaptor and the car is not running. Even when using a trickle charger on the battery, the current draw of amplifiers will most likely exceed the charging amperage. If the battery voltage gets too low it will eventually not have enough voltage to properly power MAX™, leading to disconnects.

Keep Computer Plugged into Power:
If using a laptop when using TüN® 4, it's recommended to always keep the computer plugged in to power. The graphics rendering required for TüN® 4's real-time measurements require a decent amount of power and will drain laptop batteries rather quickly.

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